QLD Man Charged With Receiving Ransomware Funds

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75-year-old man from Queensland has been charged with receiving more than a million dollars from ransomware victims. The man is an alleged representative for overseas scammers. The man is alleged to have been part of the ransomware scam since 2010. This is a stark reminder for everyone not to take unexpected calls from people they don’t know, […]

New Global Ransomware Outbreak – ExPetr

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A new global ransomware outbreak has begun, and it looks to be as big as the WannaCry outbreak a few weeks ago. It has been reported that several large companies from across the globe have been hit including the radiation monitoring system at the Chernobyl nuclear plant! What can I do to protect my business? Make sure data […]

Ransomware Attack Still Looms In Australia

Ransomware Attack Australia

Ransomware attack still looms in Australia as Government warns WannaCry threat not over… Over the weekend there has been one of the largest ransomware attacks ever. The attack has effected over 200,000 users in 150 countries but luckily most Australian business’ have not been affected due to the attack being halted by a young engineer in […]