Affordable, dependable and effective systems

Customised Setup for Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 staff or 150 staff, your phone system doesn’t need to be basic, and it doesn’t need to be convoluted.

It should be exactly what your business requires, this is from the opening voice message when you call your business, to how the voicemail is delivered to your staff, to how your reports arrive on your desk.

Gecko Phone Solutions main priority is building the most dependable and effective phone solution for our customer base with the most affordable devices.

If you don’t require the “Deluxe Premium” version of the device, we won’t quote you it. If you don’t require 10 phone lines, we won’t quote you for it. This is because your phone system is quoted and built by I.T technicians and not salespeople, so get only what you need!

Tier 1 Voice Network

Our Voice lines are all designed to deliver high-quality, reliable voice services across multiple data centers across Australia, this means receiving the best possible uptime and redundancy where the others can’t.

High-Quality Calls

Calling your business number shouldn’t ever provide your customer base with a poor experience, that’s why all our servers are hosted in Australia.

Choose Where You Work

With Gecko Phone Solutions you can choose between making your phone calls on your mobile phone, desktop computer, or your desk phone. This means if you need to work from home, out of state, or just in between locations, you can take or make calls.

Phone Line Redundancy

Time and time again we see phone systems set up without redundancy, or the redundancy is setup incorrectly.

When dealing with Gecko Phone Solutions, you’re receiving quality technical services from actual I.T Technicians, not your local sales agent or “Phone Technician”. This way you can guarantee that your network is setup correctly the first time, not on the third invoice!

Gecko Phone Solutions
Gecko Phone Solutions for Businesses

Keep Your Existing Numbers

Worried about losing your phone numbers? Number porting is a difficult task depending on your current provider, let us handle this stress for you and ensure you don’t have any of the commonly found issues of, losing your internet connection or even worse, your phone number.

After Hours Switch

Still using manual After Hours or having to switch the phones over at the end of the work day? Still require staff to use an “After Hours Mobile”? With Gecko Phone Solutions, your phones will automatically switch to After Hours and go back to normal in the morning, you can also set where you’d like these after-hours calls to go and what messages you’d like to hear.

Custom On-Hold Music

Customise your on-hold music and add personalised messages to play for your customers. We can provide as many or as little as you require. Or you can alternatively make these recordings yourself to provide to us.


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