Fake email scams and what to do

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Fake email scams and what to do

It has become common practice for scammers to pretend they’re representing different organisations and ask for money. They’re targeting customers via email asking them to pay fees and give personal information to renew their services or subscriptions. These emails often have a link that provides an invoice with fake payment details or infects your computer with malware if you click the link.

In the picture shown the scammer is trying to represent ASIC to get a business name registration renewal. All the links are to valid ASIC website links apart from two. The domain of the sender at the top of the email, and the link for the renewal notice in the middle of the email. They both point to a domain called nolebelle.com. These links alone are enough red flags to delete this e-mail.

How do I protect myself from email scams?

To help protect yourself:

  • keep your anti-virus software up to date
  • be wary of emails that don’t address you by name or misspell your details and have unknown attachments
  • don’t click any links on a suspicious email
  • follow up with a phone call to confirm the organisation did in fact send you an email.

Gecko Managed Services include antivirus and e-mail filtering as part of their plan inclusions. This is because we believe those items are mandatory to having strong foundations for a healthy computer network.

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